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Guided Afterlife Connections

Instructor :

Rochelle Wright

Class Fee :

This is a FREE event

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Start Time :

2:00 PM

End Time :

4:00 PM

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Description :

Rochelle Wright is a licensed mental health therapist, licensed chemical dependency professional, EMDR certified therapist, and designer and facilitator of the Guided Afterlife Connections method, a “cutting edge” grief protocol that helps people connect with their deceased loved ones to heal grief. Rochelle has been a grief and trauma psychotherapist for 23 years and is the author of “Guided Afterlife Connections.” Offering Guided Afterlife sessions and training in Gig Harbor, WA, Rochelle continues to train licensed therapists, psychologists and social workers throughout the U.S. and from other parts of the world.

As Rochelle explains, our deceased loved ones have never left. It’s just as though they’ve stepped into the next room for a moment. There, in the afterlife, they are enjoying a life more wonderful and more real than this life, with youth and vitality, and no pain, sickness or worry. There they wait lovingly, knowing soon we will step in to join them. In Guided Afterlife Connection sessions, people connect directly with their loved ones while sitting quietly with their eyes closed. No medium is involved. These life changing connections greatly reduce grief and the impact of traumatic memories. This is also a discussion group for those interested in the afterlife. For more information about Rochelle and Guided Afterlife Connections class details, please visit her website at or call 253.851.3498.

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