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The Afterlife Interviews

Instructor :

Jeffrey Marks

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2:00 PM

End Time :

3:30 PM

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What is life really like on the Other Side? What could possibly be waiting for us when our time on earth is over? What does it mean for our lives today? Award-winning author, spiritual medium, and paranormal researcher Jeffrey Marks sets out to find the answers.

Starting with a list of fifty-two questions regarding the nature of life on the Other Side, Jeffrey went directly to the spirits for answers. Using an analytical approach, Jeffrey recorded fourteen mediumship sessions with individuals from various faiths and backgrounds, and interviewed their friends and loved ones from the Other Side. The result is the most direct and accessible description on the nature of the afterlife compiled in modern times. Come join us and hear what the spirits have revealed about the nature of the dying process, the Life Review, the new spiritual body, new knowledge acquired after death, how spirits exist in the framework of Time, Spiritual evolution and levels, reincarnation, and much, much more. To register, please call Crystal Voyage at 253.272.4367.

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