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Class Name :

Astrology RELATIONSHIP Night - Special Event

Instructor :

Carol Barbeau

Class Fee :

$12 in advance via Paypal at

Date :


Start Time :

6:00 PM

End Time :

8:30 PM

Additional Class Details :


Description :

This is a special night, all about Astrology and the relationships in your life. Carol is offering to do your chart and ONE OTHER PERSONS chart, and the second chart is FREE. She will be talking with you about your karma, destiny, and connections and how the charts relate to each other.

If you have questions about a child, parent, friend, lover, spouse, or boss and you desire a deeper understanding about this relationship and your path, Carol can help answer why this person is in your life. She can also tell you when will you meet your true love and what do you need to do first. The answer to all these questions and more are in within your astrology chart. Come and join us and find out the answers to these questions. You can also learn about 2013 and what is going on in the sky.

Carol Barbeau, Astrologer, teacher, author, and radio and television personality, is here at Crystal Voyage on the third Wednesday of each month. Learn more about 2013 and how this year works energetically with your life path.

Astrology is a picture of the sky, and right now things are looking interesting for the world and all of us. Find out what this means for you and the world. You will also receive a mini monthly astrology update, as well as an option for a CD of each lecture. We will gather at 6:00 pm, begin at 6:30 pm, and end at 8:30 pm. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER WITH CAROL A MINIMUM OF 72 HOURS PRIOR TO CLASS and prepay the $12 class fee by PayPal on her website. You may also pay by MasterCard or Visa by contacting Carol at 206.542.7641. Send your birth information to Carol by e-mail. No astrology knowledge is necessary. Come learn about yourself, meet new people, and be open to the energy of healing. Please visit Carolís website for more information, videos and free articles. Cost: $12 IN ADVANCE via Paypal at

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