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Guardian Angels-Your Contract for Assistance, Guidance, Spiritual Protection and Manifestation

Instructor :

Melissa White

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6:30 PM

End Time :

8:00 PM

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Description :

You have a team of Angels whose greatest desire is to assist you in living your life to its fullest. This class will teach you a model of contracting with your Angels directly and specifically to increase your level of conscious awareness of how your Angels can offer assistance, guidance, and spiritual protection within the Laws under which they operate.

Registration Contact Information: Contact Melissa via email. Payment in advance may be made through Paypal using as the business address. Payments may also be made accessing the following link: at the door by cash or check made out to Melissa White.

Melissa has been a practicing psychotherapist for 24 years. She has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University with an emphasis in Jungian Psychology and has presented at many conferences in her role as psychotherapist. Melissa has always gravitated toward a spiritual model of human experience and has studied the mind/spirit/body connection since 1985. After spending her formative years as a therapist deeply entrenched in the mental health system, she was guided to begin studying the human energy system of chakras in more earnest and to learn how to channel and direct energy with intention. She has been incorporating energy healing with her clients for the last 10 years and, with the assistance and guidance of a team of Angels and guides, has developed her own model of healing that incorporates knowledge from several different modalities including Theta Healing, Inter Dimensional Healing, and Crystal Healing. This is her first class offering, drawing on the experiences she has had with hundreds of people over the last decade.

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