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Einstein the Ancient Crystal Skull – Interactive Sessions

Instructor :

Carolyn Ford

Class Fee :

Fees vary - see description

Date :


Start Time :

12:00 PM

End Time :

5:00 PM

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Description :

Sessions with Carolyn and Einstein are deeply transformational, Einstein is known as the ”Skull of Consciousness.” With Carolyn as his guardian, their mission is to raise humanity's consciousness through aligning oneself to source energy and opening the heart. We are here to unite in the spirit of love and acceptance for one another and most importantly, self. Carolyn will ask your intention for the session and then Carolyn and Einstein align with you.

Einstein sometimes speaks through Carolyn, meeting each individuals needs in the moment. Each session is a miraculous experience; we have seen healings, heart openings, self-awareness/consciousness activations and DNA activation acceleration. Carolyn and Einstein together seem to always exceed any expectations in these profound sessions. Do not miss this opportunity to experience a very unique and rare artifact Please call; Crystal Voyage, 253-272-4367 to reserve your time as space for these events are limited. To learn more about Carolyn and Einstein visit INTERACTIVE SESSION W/CAROLYN and EINSTEIN: Private Session with Carolyn and Einstein 30 min. 1 person $85.00 Private Session with Carolyn and Einstein 30 min. 2 people $75.00 each, a 1 hour session is $150

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