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Heart Magick-Where Healing Begins Book Signing

Instructor :

Debbie Naillon

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FREE Event

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2:00 PM

End Time :

4:00 PM

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Come and meet Debbie and hear her discuss her newly published book, Heart Magick...Where Healing Begins. Inspired by Debbie''s journey, you will be inspired and moved, and feel familiarity with her story. Heart Magick… Where Healing Begins; takes readers on a candid, real-life journey into a frightening and fascinating world. Naillon deftly brings childhood camping stories to life in an experience that she likens to someone leaving Plato’s cave and discovering an entirely new world that he never knew existed. Through it all, there is one message that will stand out, a message that speaks to readers’ hearts: there is more out there than what can be seen and realizing this leads to true healing.

Debra Naillon is an Usui master Reiki practitioner, practical Reiki master teacher and a certified crystal healer. She is currently working on obtaining her 1:1 HeartMath provider licensing. Her real-life experiences within the realm of her personal journey and her work within her business, Ethereal Touch, have helped her to grow and learn the art of healing with compassion on an energetic level. She lives with her husband on their acreage in Winlock, Wash. She enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and extended family.

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