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Instructor :

Nadine Larsson

Class Fee :

$25, per class which includes all supplies

Date :


Start Time :

12:30 PM

End Time :

2:30 PM

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Description :

Express the various parts of your Being through this intuitive, fun and empowering process. This is a three part program, presented weekly for three consecutive weeks, $25 per class. Let your creations share their personal meaning with you through a very simple interactive method. Each person will receive five blank cards and sleeves, materials will be provided, however, students are encouraged to bring their own images too. Use your cards for accessing inner wisdom, for daily guidance, or simply as an avenue of self-expression. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the gifts this process has for you. For more information:

Nadine Larsson, became a certified Facilitator in June of 2011. She discovered this practice as a result of a suggestion from a a local energy worker in Tacoma. After 26 years of marriage, Nadine was brutally attacked by her spouse and fled her home. During her recovery, she explored a variety of healing modalities, including Soul Collage. She became so enamored of this process that she went to California to be trained by its creator, Seena Frost. Nadine has written two books, Divorce, Empowerment, and Attorneys: What You Need to Know,from which stems this course; and Dinner For One.

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