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Psychic Development for Beginners

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6:30 PM

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9:00 PM

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During this class Corinna will gently open your psychic centers and teach you how to tune in to your intuition. Everyone has natural intuitive gifts and you will learn about the different types of intuition and how to access them. You will learn the difference between your imagination and your intuition. You will also learn how to cleanse your energy and protect yourself from negative forces. Corinna teaches you how to access the power of unconditional love for yourself and others. Please visit her website to find out more about Corinna and what her students say about her. Bring a friend for free. Call Crystal Voyage at 253-272-4367 to register. Bring a friend for free. Corinna has been doing successful, accurate readings for over 20 years.

Corinna is a Certified Life Coach, and Theta Healer. Corinna has 14 different certifications, all designed to help you transform your life. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Creation Technology, Thought Pattern Management and Reiki are tools for transformation. Corinna is an expert in cutting-edge technologies for accelerated human change and how to empower you to unleash your true potential.

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