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Class Name :

Sound Blessing with Ancient Indigenous Instruments

Instructor :

Gisele Fernandez

2nd Instructor :

Unity Church

Class Fee :

Suggested Donation of $30

Date :


Start Time :

7:00 PM

End Time :

9:00 PM

Additional Class Details :


Description :

Sound Blessing is a unique blend of healing modalities with the beautiful sounds of ancient ritual instruments, Love and the power of healing touch, creating a higher resonance of Peace & Vitality, elevating consciousness, and strengthening your connection with Source.

Rene' Jenkins is a Ceremonial Sound Practitioner, professional musician and Healing Performance Artist from Sonoma, CA. Since 1993, Rene' performs blessings of sacred sounds with ancestoral instruments from the Americas, Australia, and Asia, integrating cross-cultural studies, Breema-Shiatsu, Reiki and more to raise well being and the vibration of consciousness through intention and sound. Rene' uses Didjeridu, Condor Quill Antara, Mayan, Peruvian, Zapotec and Hawaiian Ritual flutes, Chimu Whistling Water Vessels, conch Shell, Tibetan Bowls, Bells, Tingshas and more. Call Unity of South Sound for information or to register at 253-517-3883.

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