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Class Name :

Angelic Merkaba Activation CANCELED

Instructor :

Debra Peterson

Class Fee :

$44 Special price for Crystal Voyage customers

Date :


Start Time :

10:00 AM

End Time :

2:00 PM

Additional Class Details :


Description :

The Angelic Merkaba is a gift from the Angelic realm, which uses the power of Sacred Geometry for transformation. When your personal Angelic Merkaba is activated, it becomes a sacred space to help awaken your Ascension process. Students will learn sacred techniques to evolve through the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional realms. You will also have your personal Angelic Merkaba and Lightbody activated for Ascension awakening. These teachings come from spirit channelings from angelic beings of light and direct personal ascension experiences. Debra/Star Walker is a leading authority and teacher on Angelic Merkabas. She team-teaches with Korey Doyle. 4 hours $66, Special price for Crystal Voyage customers is only $44. Please call Crystal Voyage to register at 253-272-4367. Take both of Debra's classes for $66.

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